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NAME:I Dewa Ayu Indra Hartini


Class; xi_ipa 3



In north Sumatra Island lived an artist name Toba Pattinson. He was o handsome but he has no wife.

        One day he went to market. He bought some food and clothes,after he arrived, he saw a beautifull cat and Toba carried the cat to home. After arrived at home, Toba laid the cat down in box.

        Not long ater that the cat changed be a beautifull girl and Toba was so scared and then she said” oh you are princess???” and she answer “yes of course” ………..

“what is your name”?  Toba said

“oh my name is princess Bella”she said

“oh it’s beautifull name” Toba said

“thanks sir, and what is your name”? bella said

“my name is Toba pattinson,just called me Toba”……

“oh I like your name” bella said

“thanks princess” toba said……….

        Not long after the incident Princess Bella stayed with Toba Pattinson and then Toba felt in love with Bella and they were get married but Bella give Toba condition, that was Toba did not said about bella or about origin bella and if he di sobey, tsunami shall came to the island. And then Toba agree with the condition,and he promised to bella that he never said anybody who is bella before….where she came from and said everything about bella have ever became a cat.

        After Toba and Bella married they have a kid, his name Mail. Mail was a naughty kid…(ckckckckckckkck like a cat)

        One day toba cleaned up  his car and then after that he went to home for break. Mail played foot ball side a car and Mail stained the car after that Toba came and saw the car was very dirty. Toba was so angry and he said “ shit you Mail,you are stupid cat like your mom, you are very naughty kid,……. F***  you”……..

        Not long after that came a big tsunami and the island was drown, and the island changed be a like.

        And then the people called that lake,”the lake of cat shit”, ‘because Toba that ,ever said to the Mail “shit you mail”………..

****The end****

Nb: ***(di cut)



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    September 8, 2011 pukul 8:36 am

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